Olimpbet Super League. HC Stavropolye beat HC AGU-Adyif in a home match of the consolation tournament. It’s the third consecutive defeat for HC AGU-Adyif

8 May 2024
Both matches of the game day in the women’s Super League finished.
HC Stavropolye won a confident victory at home over HC AGYU-Adyif Maykop. It’s the third defeat in a row for Natalia Derepasko’s team. HC Stavropolye plays in the consolation tournament without loss of points.
In the first match of the game day HC Luch Moscow won a third consecutive victory over HC Universitet Izhevsk with a seven-goal advantage. 
8 May 
Matches for the 9th-12 places
Stavropolye — AGU-Adyif — 32:25 (17:14)
Luch — Universitet — 34:27 (17:13)
Tournament standings (after 36 matches). 9. Stavropolye — 27 points. 10. AGU-Adyif — 20. 11. Luch — 16. 12. Universitet — 4.
Photo: vk.com/hcstavropole 
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