Friendly match. The youth national team of Russia (U-18) overcame the peers from Iran in a tough struggle with a three-ball difference

18 March 2024
The second friendly meeting between the youth national teams of Russia and Iran was held on Monday.
Sergey Klenov’s wards proved to be stronger again. This time the advantage of the Russian team was three balls only. To recall, the youth team of Iran ceded with a difference of 17 goals on Sunday.
In the winners, Ruslan Gakame, Ivan Erkanov and Evgeny Sheykin became the most resultative players with 4 goals each.
18 March
Russia (U-18) — Iran (U-18) — 28:35 (13:13) (Gakame, Erkanov, Sheykin — 4 each)
Photo: the HFR press   
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