Olimpbet Super League. The left back of HC Chernomorochka Natalia Nikitina is recognized as the best player of March, according to Handballfast and its readers

4 April 2024
The voting for the best Super League handball player in March of Handballfast readers was completed.
To recall, the winner in our VK group receives 20% of votes during the final counting and the jury members, consisting of our authors and experts, give the rest 80% of votes.
According to Handballfast and its readers, the left back player of HC Chernomorochka Natalia Nikitina is considered to be the best player in March. She received 20% of votes from the jury, won the readers' poll as well and got 40% in total. Natalia became the best player of the month for the third time in the season.    
The left back of HC Astrakhanochka Sofia Romanenko also received 40% of votes from the jury, but in case of equality the preference is given to the winner of the readers’ poll. 20% of jury votes are on the account of the goalkeeper from HC Rostov-Don Anastasia Lagina.
The left back Anastasia Shavman (HC Kuban) and the centre back Ksenia Ilyina (HC Astrakhanochka) also claimed the title of the best handball player of March.
Photo: vk.com/handballfast    


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