The HFR announced the date of the rescheduled Super League matches

24 March 2024

The dates of postponed matches were announced in the Schedule section of the homepage of the HFR website. Almost all the matches will be held on March 27. HC Chekhovskie Medvedi will compete with HC Permskie Medvedi (the club from Chekhov approved), HC Skif will face HC Zenit (the match starts at 17:30), HC CSKA will meet with HC Victor, HC Kaustik will play with HC SGAU-Saratov.

Three matches in the women’s Super League will be held as well: HC Lada — HC Astrakhanochka, HC Dinamo-Sinara — HC Zvezda, HC Stavropolye — HC AGU-Adyif. There is no information concerning other matches, including HC Rostov-Don — HC CSKA. 

Photo: HC Chekhovskie medvedi press      

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