SEHA-Gazprom League. HC SKA Minsk beat HC Zenit on its home court with a minimal advantage and became the last participant of the Final Four

6 March 2024
The last participant of the Final Four in SEHA-League was defined on Wednesday.
HC SKA Minsk proved to be stronger than HC Zenit Saint-Petersburg again. In the return match the hosts won a minimal victory. The left back from SKA Minsk Dmitriy Khmelkov scored 9 goals and became the top-scorer of the meeting.
Meshkov Brest, Chekhovskie medvedi and Victor qualified for the Final Four earlier.
6 March
1/4 finals. The return match
SKA Minsk — Zenit — 35:30 (20:16) (Khmelkov — 9, Belyavskiy — 7; Lunya — 8, Turaev — 5)
The first match  — 32:27
Photo: HC Zenit press 
Tournaments: SEHA League
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