SEHA-Gazprom League. The centre back of HC SKA Minsk Igor Belyavsky is considered to be the best player of the group stage

23 February 2024
The experts and directory of SEHA-League determined the best player of the group stage of the 2023/24 season. Following the results of all eight tours, 22-year-old centre back of HC SKA Minsk Igor Belyavsky is recognized as the best player. 
61 goals after 75 throws (81,3% of accuracy) in 8 matches, including 11 out of 13 completed penalty shots, are on the account of Belyavsky. He scored not less than 7 balls in 6 matches out of 8. Belyavsky scored 16 goals out of 20 throws during two games against the winner of B group HC Chekhovskie medvedi. Last season Belyavsky scored 50 goals after 86 throws (58,1% of realization) in 9 matches. During two seasons in SEHA-League Igor scored 111 balls in 17 matches in total, only Dmitry Kiselev scored more (118) since the start of last season.
Igor Belyavsky answered the questions of SEHA-Gazprom League media team.
 — Igor, you are considered to be the best player of the group stage. Whom could you highlight in this season?
 — I’m happy and grateful to be considered as the best player of the group stage. I would like to mention my team, that made it happen.
 — You scored 61 goals after 75 throws in this season of SEHA-League, the efficiency of your attacks significantly raised in comparison with last season — from 58 to 81%. Why did such breakthrough happen?
 — Concerning the efficiency, I grew up, became more responsible to throws and conducting the game. I try to make less mistakes (though we can’t do without them). To summarize, I work on myself. 
 — Is there any impressive goal — yours or someone else’s — which is particularly remembered recently? Not necessarily in SEHA-League. Would you like to score an unusual goal?
 — Only one goal of a frenchman Elohim Prandi at the European Championship against the Swedes is in my head lately. I hope everyone saw this masterpiece. I would like to repeat such a goal.
 — SKA Minsk will play with Zenit in the play-offs. Have you already watched the matches of your competitor? Who is the most dangerous player in Zenit, except Dmitriy Kiselev, in your opinion?
 — Yes, I watched the matches both with CSKA and Meshkov Brest on the group stage. There is an understanding of the team. I would mention Oleg Lunya, Aleksandr Arkatov, except Dmitriy Kiselev, — Belyavsky said. 
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