Championship of Asia. Lyudmila Bodnieva: "We monitor the Chinese national team, our Fenix. Reaching the semi-final is a good result for the Chinese team"

1 December 2022
The head coach of Russian national team Lyudmila Bodnieva noted the progress of the Chinese national team,  the basis of which plays in the Super League, starting this season. 
To recall, the Chinese team got into the Asian Championship semi-finalists and got a ticket to the World Cup 2023. 
 — Yes, we monitor the national team of China, our Fenix, we root for them and wish them to succeed. Getting into the semi-final is a good result for the Chinese team. It happened by the drawing of lots that three strong teams — Japan, China and Kazakhstan — were in the same group, while only South Korea, the obvious favorites of the tournament, turned out to be in another group, the play with them will show the true strength of the Chinese national team. We wish them good luck.
 — There is your contribution to the Chinese team success, you trained them in Moscow. Do you agree?
  I wouldn’t call it significant, though we worked very productively in Spring indeed. Probably, it’s too early to evaluate the results of this work. It’s the first test of strength for the Chinese national team, the team gathered in this line-up only in Spring.  But since arriving in Russia the team has been definitely improving — it’s not just my opinion, but the view of many experts as well. This was facilitated by training camp and participation of Fenix in our championship with tight calendar and level of competitors. I don’t know, whose idea it was to play with us, how they came to it, but they definitely benefit from it. It’s just a matter, how big step forward they will make, — Sport Express quotes the words of Lyudmila Bodnieva.  
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