Ethics Commission of the IHF issued a warning to the head of Norway Federation Kare Geir Lio for repeated violation the Code of Ethics

8 August 2022
Ethics Commission of the International Handball Federation rendered the decision at the request of the HFR. 
Earlier the HFR appealed to the IHF with request to review the breach of the Code of Ethics by the Norway Handball Federation (NHF) president Kare Geir Lio. The head of the NHF has repeatedly demanded the exclusion of Russia from the IHF and the European Handball Federation, insisted on termination of contracts with Russian and Belarusian sponsors. 
The Commission stated that the behavior of Kare Geir Lio is inconsistent with the IHF Code of Ethics, the HFR official site reports. In particular, the document says: «Individuals should not commit acts, which might adversely affect the IHF reputation or handball as a whole». 
By the results of consideration of the HFR application Kare Geir Lio is given a warning. 
''The Code of Ethics should guarantee that all the IHF members observe and maintain ethical behavior in our sport. However, the NHF president broke the rule'', — is stated in the letter, received by the HFR office.   
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