Sergey Klenov: "Indeed, we received an invitation to the Open European Championship, but at the moment it can hardly been understood, what the situation is going to be with it"

17 January 2023
The head coach of the Russian youth national team Sergey Klenov in the interview to Handballfast author Denis Kozlov shared the team’s nearest plans, in particular, about the possible participation in the Open European Championship in Sweden.
 — What are the team’s future plans and will there be the control matches?
 — There are difficulties concerning plans for friendly tournaments at present time. The training session itself will be held in March, but whether there will be any away play, where we could receive game practice, will be clear directly before it.
 — The HFR Secretary General Lev Voronin informed that the Swedes invited our guys to the Open European Championship, which will be held in summer 2023. Do you believe that the things will get beyond intend?
 — We talked about that, when Lev Gennagiyevich came to the training session. But we shouldn’t deceive ourselves, since there isn't any specifics yet. Yes, we received an invitation, but at the moment it’s hardly clear, what the situation is going to be like. This applies to either political situation, due to which the decision is made not only in sports departments, or to the logistics. 
But if we get an opportunity to test our strength in competition with European peers, it will be a great advantage for us. All that remains is just to wait for good news… — Klenov shared his thoughts.
Photo: Dmitriy Khristich
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