The Super Cup of Russia. The left back of HC CSKA Elena Mikhaylichenko: "We want to take the Cup, we had brought to Kemerovo, back to Moscow"

29 August 2023
The head coach of HC CSKA Olga Akopyan and the left back Elena Mikhaylichenko shared expectations from the match for the Super Cup ahead of the first official match of the new season.
 — Concerning the workout, I can say that after such a long flight it took a little bit longer to gather strength, but, in general, girls worked out everything planned. I hope we will play in the best condition. We will face the first serious match in the new season, so, we don’t put a label of favorite on ourselves, — Olga Akopyan said.
 — I want to congratulate all of us with the beginning of a new season! It will be the first play for us and right away for the trophy. We came do defend the title. We want to take the Cup, we had brought to Kemerovo, back to Moscow. 
Generally, our team is ready for 100%. The difficult flight had an impact on our physical form, but we had time to rest and I hope the night will pass without problems and we’ll get enough sleep. Tomorrow we’ll fight with the maximum spirit, — Elena Mikhaylichenko said.
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