Olimpbet Super League. The team of the best handball players and the coach of the 2022-23 season is announced. The players from six clubs got into the number of laureates

17 July 2023
The results of voting for the best handball players and the coach of the 2022-23 season are published on the official website of the Handball Federation of Russia.
The coaches of the teams of Championship, sports journalists and supporters participated in the survey. 
The representatives of six clubs are among the best players. Three players from the national champions club CSKA won in four categories, as well as the head coach. The silver winner HC Rostov-Don delegated two player. And each of clubs Zvezda, Lada, Kuban and Dinamo-Sinara provided one player.   
The best players in women’s Super League-2022/23:
Goalkeeper — Kira Trusova (CSKA);
Left wing — Marianna Egorova (Zvezda);
Right wing — Yulia Managarova (Rostov-Don);
Pivot — Ksenia Makeeva (Rostov-Don);
Left back and the MVP — Elena Mikhaylichenko (CSKA);
Right back — Antonina Skorobogatchenko;
Playmaker — Valeria Kirdyasheva (Lada);
Defender — Victoria Zhilinskayte (Kuban);
Opening — Varvara Semina (Dinamo-Sinara);
Coach — Olga Akopyan (CSKA).
Photo: HC CSKA press
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