Friendly match. The youth national team of Russia defeated the rivals from Iran with an advantage of 17 goals.The teams will play again on Monday

17 March 2024
The friendly match between the youth national teams of Russia and Iran was held on Sunday.
Sergey Klenov’s wards celebrated a confident victory. The Russians had a double-digit superiority over the rivals after the first half. The return match will be held on Monday.
17 March
Russia (U-18) — Iran (U-18) — 39:22 (24:12) (Erkanov — 8, Gakame, Kurochkin, Kartashev, Sheykin — 4 each)
18 March
Russia (U-18) — Iran (U-18) — 16:00 (Moscow time)
Photo: the HFR press service    
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