The Head of the Norwegian Federation of Handball Kare Geir Lio is suspected of corruption. The foundation, where he holds the position of director, provided services to a handball organization

31 August 2023
The Norwegian TV2 channel carried out an investigation in relation to the head of local handball federation Geir Lio.
The official headed the handball organization in 2017 and had to resign as the managing director of the fund, which deals with staff recruitment and audit in this sphere. But it turned out that it didn’t happen, though the Federation when hiring Lio pointed to the fact that he has to withdraw from civil affairs and concentrate 100% on handball sphere. 
Eventually, the Norwegian Federation bought consulting services from the fund in Bodo four times in six years. According to TV2, Geir Lio still earns 1,5 million Norwegian kroner annually in the fund (about 140 thousand dollars). He receives roughly the same amount from the Handball Federation. But the official denies in every possible way that relations between the fund and the Handball Federation are built on private benefit. Lio confirmed that he cooperated with the fund, but he points out that he spent only 35 calendar days there on average during last four years.
 — I was also involved in handball issues during these days. My conscience is clean for the work, I’ve done for the Norwegian Handball Federation. I’ve always wanted to keep contact with the fund, taking into consideration the fact, that I can return there. I also wanted to care about the customers I’ve had for years, — Lio said. 
It remains unclear, what consequences of the investigation will be. But the Olympic Committee of Norway is already interested with the materials of TV2 and will hold relevant inspection. 
To recall, last year Geir Lio received a warning from the Ethics Commission of the IHF for repeated violation of the Code. 


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