Daria Dmitrieva: "There were offers from Norway, France and Hungary. But I thought, it was too much for me to change a club every year"

22 April 2023
A Russian playmaker Daria Dmitrieva told Handbalfast author Nikolay Spirchagov the details of full contract with Slovenian RK Krim. 
 — When was it decided to terminate the contract with CSKA and transfer to RK Krim?
 —  I hoped till the very last moment that Russian clubs could play in the Champions League, it would be great to play against the strongest teams together with girls. And most important, at home. I recalled during the training session of the national team, how great it is to be in one team with Lena Mikhaylichenko and Tonya Skorobogatchenko and with all other girls!
Unfortunately, we were not allowed, that is why I made such a decision. I find it morally difficult to play only in domestic competitions, though I’m amazed by the results of CSKA, just wow!     
RK Krim management become aware of my plans at the end of last year, since main transfers occur after the World and European Cups in November-December...    
 — There were probably offers from other clubs…
 — Yes, there were from Norway, France, Hungary, but I won’t name the clubs (laughing). Why did I stay? I have just got used to the system of the game, to people. I understood, what was going on only after half of year (smiling). I thought, it was too much for me — to change the clubs every year. And it’s difficult to put myself under new stress of adopting to new conditions and requirements.   
 — When RK Krim announced the transfer of playmakers Nina Zulic and Itana Grbic, one might think that you won’t stay in Slovenia. How did you take these news?
 — I’m just happy, that such handball players will join our squad. I have known Itana for a long time, she is a good player, and I saw Nina for the first time at the recent European Cup. I hope, we will be able to play well together soon. And competition is the engine of progress, — said Daria Dmitrieva.
Photo: rkkrim
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