Olimpbet Super League. Elizaveta Malashenko: "HC Lada Togliatti — is a recognized brand, a quality mark in handball"

8 September 2022
Elizaveta Malashenko, the newcomer of HC Lada, in the interview to Handballfast author Viktor Shpitalnik told about the transfer details. 
 — How did the opportunity of transfer to HC Lada occur?
 — It is simple: my contract with HC Astrakhanochka finished, and my agent started choosing a new club. One of the offers was from HC Lada. And having weighed everything up thoroughly at home, I chose this option. 
 — How do you find the current Lada? Did the players, you had played together with, stay in the team? 
 — HC Lada Togliatti — is a recognized brand and a quality mark in handball. And it always remains a team that, despite a regular squad rotation, doesn’t fall out of the best clubs of the country. New trainees of Togliatti school replace the leaving players, and someone like me return over time. That is why the team always keeps the level and year after year claims medals. 
I had played with half of the present membership during the first period of competing for HC Lada, including those who already works in the coaching staff now.  
 — Did you communicate with the head coach Ekaterina Marennikova concerning the role she sees you in on the playground and in the team?
 — We haven’t gotten a specific conversation on this issue yet. Probably, now it is relevant for me to start getting back into the shape gradually, without forcing the restoration. I suppose, closer to the time I’ll start training in the general group, we will touch on these issues.   
 — Do you keep fit somehow at the moment?
 — It hasn’t passed even a month since birth, so I can’t do simple exercises yet. I am waiting for go-ahead from doctors to start coming around little by little and proceed to training.  
Concerning terms of my maternity leave, I wouldn’t make any announcements about it in order to prevent false expectations. As soon as my body allows me to do it, I will return. 
Photo: press service of HC Lada
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