Champions League. Valily Filipov: ''I would acknowledge Artem Karalek who has done a giant amount of rough work. He played both games at the highest level"

20 June 2022
Ex-playmaker of the Russian national team, a well-known coach Vasily Filipov in the interview to author Denis Kozlov analysed the past Champions League Final Four as an expert. 
Filipov appreciated the play of a Belarusian Kielce line-player Artem Karalek before his MVP announcement in Cologne.
- What is your MVP of Final Four version?
- Probably, many people would disagree with me, as this player didn’t show a double-digit result (the conversation was recorded before official announcement of the most valuable player — Handballfast), but Atrem Karalkov is worth mentioning, who has completed a great amount of rough work. In Barca several people play essential roles. It turned out that different people came out to the fore in the semi-final and final. Karalek played both matches at the highest level, — said Filipov.
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