Russian Cup. HC Kaustik — HC Akbuzat, HC Voronezh — HC Dinamo-Sungul and two more pairings. The draw for the 1/16 finals of the men’s tournament was held

17 November 2022
The draw for the 1/16 finals of the men’s Russian Cup was held in the HFR office on Thursday. 
1/16 finals
Voronezh — Dinamo-Sungul
Medvedi — SGAU-Saratov
Kaustik — Akbuzat
Moscow special college of Olympic reserve №2 -Academia — Skif
At the 1/8 finals stage the pairings winners will be joined by handball clubs Dvorets, Permskie medvedi, Zenit and Dinamo Astrakhan. The Final Four of the men’s Cup of Russia is scheduled on the end of April. 


Tournaments: Russian Cup (men)
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